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A game world inspired by the steampunk, pulp-action, and mystery genres.

The players will take on the role of Wardens (basically government paranormal investigators)

The world (known as Vaporamundo) is a parallel universe, much like Earth at the start of the 20th century except for the existence of magic (and the changes that are consequences of this).

The nation of Corvair (where the campaign is set) is comparable in culture to Edwardian era Europe (particularly Great Britain and Prussia).

Technology level: 1900-1920, with the latest steam-tech and magi-tech developments pushing the cutting edge of technology to a level comparable with the 1940s.
Airships, biplanes, well-established rail network (steam trains), telegraph, gaslamp streetlighting (electric lighting is just starting to catch on), revolvers and bolt-action rifles.


Main Page

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