Arcane power is real.
Magic has always existed, but for mush of history it has been rare and mostly beyond the understanding and control of humans, finding expression only in magical flora and fauna, and in rare locations. A few (un)lucky individuals also exhibited various magical talents, but those with significant powers tended to quickly become a danger to themselves and others.
Usually, being ‘blessed’ with significant magical abilities meant a considerably reduced life expectancy, one way or another.

This all started to change over the last couple of centuries, as scholars of the enlightenment era began to comprehend the rudiments of arcane theory. The scholars talked, investigated, shared notes, performed experiments, and over the course of decades or perilous research they gradually discovered and codified the secrets of mystical power. This new field of study became known as Thaumatology, and the practice of arcane workings known as Thaumaturgy.

Today, magic is seen as dangerous but useful. Several great collages of magic have developed, dedicated to pursuing the study of arcane matters. Because of the dangers, governments carefully monitor and regulate those with arcane talents; the state is also often keen to make use of them.
The state funds and controls the Wardens, who are tasked with monitoring, investingatimg and dealing with paranormal issues.

Because of its dangers, hard-worn arcane knowledge is closely guarded, meaning that the thaumatological colleges tend to be reluctant and cautious about sharing their research.

The most prominent collage of magic in Corvair is the Arcanum, which is part of Arkham University in Central

The arcane sciences/arts are seen and powerful useful and worthy of study, but very dangerous in the wrong hands (and sometimes even in the right hands). Consequently, the training and practice of arcanists (and other strange types) is very carefully regulated by the state. The various empowered freaks and mutants and required to be registered (which means hunting down those who haven’t been registered). It is possible to make inhibitor manacles, but they only dampen power not entirely suppress it; and some types of power are for more affected than others. Some mutants require more serious countermeasures; and the individuals themselves are often far from keen to be suppressed.


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