History of Corvair

Distant Past:
A great and incredibly advanced civilisation (sufficiently advanced in both technology and magic) existed millennia ago, and its secrets and relics are highly prized.

Foundation of Corvair:
Corvair Grew out of a group of tribes around 1500 years ago.

Corvair began it shift into its current form around 3 centuries ago. During this time, the power of the aristocracy began to be challenged, Corvair began to build an empire, and became the centre of a renaissance.

Recent History:
Over the last decade or so Corvair has been involved in several wars (mostly small, but some against significant powers) as in consolidates its empire. Corvair is now a leading technological and thaumatological power. The military and the intelligentsia (scholars and arcanists, and other professionals) are powerful, and the influence of the aristocracy and the church is gradually starting to wane.

History of Corvair

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