The nation in which the campaign is centered.

The nation of Corvair is comparable in culture to Edwardian era Europe (particularly Great Britain and Prussia).
It is technologically advanced, with the study of science and thaumatology producing devices sometimes years ahead of those seen in other parts of the world.

Corvair is a strong military power, and maintains an empire with colonies across the globe. It has somewhat tense international relations as a consequence of its imperial tendencies. It has been involved in many small (and some not so small) wars, and even today there are regular scuffles and skirmishes on the periphery and borders of the empire.

Corvair is a constitutional monarchy, but in practice is governed by Parliament.
The Parliament is made up of two chambers: the Senate and the Deliberative (of the two, the Senate has far more power).
Anyone can be elected to the Deliberative, and its members are chosen by populate vote (with universal suffrage, since women were given the vote in Corvair about a decade ago).
The Senate on the other hand, is made up of members of the Patrician class (equivalent to upper-middle class and above; and also including all commissioned military officers).
Consquently, the military has a great deal of political power in Corvair.

This means that in practice the vast majority of the political power in Corvair is in the hands of the Patrician class, and consequently in the hands of the the military, aristocracy, scholars and clerics (in approximately that order).

The state of Corvair is a meritocracy in theory, though in practice family, connections, and money all play their roll.

The capital or Corvair is Central.

For details of Corvair’s past, see History of Corvair

Districts of Corvair:


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