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  • Character Creation

    (work in progress) The Stuff on your Character Sheet: Characters in Fate are made up of Aspects, Skills, and Stunts/Powers. Aspects are phrases that describe or are evocative of your character, covering things such as descriptions, relationships, …

  • Basic Rules

    Warning: this page is just a copy of the notes that I wrote form myself after reading the Dresden Files RPG a while back, so they may not make much sense to anyone else. For a better overview try: http://www.faterpg.com/dl/sotc-srd.html or for a slimer …

  • skills

    Alertness Athletics Burglary Contacts Crafts Deceit Driving Empathy Endurance Engineering Fists Guns Intimidation Investigation Might Performance Presence Resolve Rapport Resources Scholarship …

  • the ladder

    +8 Legendary +7 Epic +6 Fantastic +5 Superb +4 Great +3 Good +2 Fair +1 Average +0 Mediocre -1 Poor -2 Terrible -3 Awful

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