Quentin Von Blitzenslosh

Inventor and Scientist


engineering 5
scholarship 4
resources 4
thumatology 3
investigation 3
resolve 3
crafts 2
performance 2
presence 2
contacts 2
alertness 1
deceit 1
guns 1
intimidation 1
weapons 1

Superb: engineering
Great: scholarship, resources
Good: thumatology, investigation, resolve
Fair: crafts, performance, presence, contacts
Average: alertness, deceit, guns, intimidation, weapons

Man of Science
Absent Minded-Professor
This mansion has been home to my family for generations
Please put that down, 007


Quentin Von Blitzenslosh (“Q” for short) is the resident inventor at Warlock Hall, headquarters for the Wardens

Quentin Von Blitzenslosh

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