Rupert Jenkins

a rich and privilaged bastard


Born with a silver spoon…
Coniving bastard
Glory Hound
That’s Captain Jenkins, thankyou

Contacts 5
Resources 4
Rapport 4
Guns 3
Deceit 3
Presence 3
Empathy 2
Intimidation 2
Athletics 2
Investigation 2
Driving 1
Performance 1
Scholarship 1
Stealth 1
Weapons 1

Superb: Contacts
Great: Resources, Rapport
Good: Guns, Deceit, Presence,
Fair: Empathy, Intimidation, Athletics, Investigation
Average: Driving, Performance, Scholarship, Stealth, Weapons


A military man, with connections in the past to Ivan Weatherich
(Jenkins used Ivan to jump a step up the career tree)

Rupert Jenkins

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