Ivan Weatherich

Ex-military Lieutenant


Jaded Ex-Military Youth (High Concept)
Talented But Expendable (Trouble)
Low-born, but with noble rank
Gun beats spear
Jenkins You Bastard!
Got to live through this

Guns (Superb +5)
Endurance (Great +4)
Conviction (Great +4)
Alertness (Good +3)
Presence (Good +3)
Athletics (Good +3)
Contacts (Fair +2)
Resources (Fair +2)
Empathy (Fair +2)
Investigation (Fair +2)
Driving (Average +1)
Scholarship (Average +1)
Weapons (Average +1)
Intimidation (Average +1)
Survival (Average +1)

Superb +5: Guns
Great +4: Endurance, Conviction
Good +3: Alertness, Presence, Athletics
Fair +2: Contacts, Resources, Empathy, Investigation
Average +1: Driving, Scholarship, Weapons, Intimidation, Survival

Stunts: [cost]
Corner of my Eye [-1]
Biplace Pilot [-1]
Unshakable [-1]
Call Shot [-1]
No need for a scope [-1]


Stress Tracks
Physical = OOOO
Mental = OOOO
Social = OOOO



What have you created? (Why and how?)

What have you understood? (perhaps a personal value or belief)

What have you changed? (or what is something that has changed within you, and why)

What have you destroyed? (and why? Or what do you seek to destroy?)

What do you command? (or what have you been commanded to do?)

Ivan Weatherich

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