Gaoth Arcanum (aka the Prodigy)

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Street kid (orphan) turned child prodigy of the Arcanum (High Concept)
Smart mouthed kid (Trouble)
“I’m not a little kid!”
Being groomed for next head of research and development
Low born

Thaumaturgy (Superb +5)
Resolve (Great +4)
Burgulary (Great +4)
Survival (Good +3)
Investigation (Good +3)
Craft (Good +3)
Contacts (Fair +2)
Stealth (Fair +2)
Athletics(Fair +2)
Alertness (Fair +2)
Endurance (Average +1)
Intimidation (Average +1)
Deceit (Average +1)
Performance (Average +1)
Fists (Average +1)

Superb +5: Thaumaturgy
Great +4: Resolve, Burgulary
Good +3: Survival, Investigation, Crafts
Fair +2: Contacts, Stealth, Athletics, Alertness
Average +1: Endurance, Intimidation, Deceit, Performance, Fists

mcguyver (-1)

Cloak of Shadows (-1) — includes night vision
Field of force (-1)
Empowerment and release of runes (-1)
Redirection of force (-2)

Metal bar strapped to each arm. both covered with runes (one has slots for coins)
Lock picks
24 Runed farthing coins

Stress Tracks:
Physical = OOO
Mental = OOOO
Social = OO



Who are your family?

Why are you in this job?

Do you have a secret?

What do you do when angry?

What do you fear?

Who/what do you hate?

Who/what do you value?

Even been in love, or had a broken heart?

A memory from your past

What is on your desk/in your bag etc

What have you created? (Why and how?)

What have you understood? (perhaps a personal value or belief)

What have you changed? (or what is something that has changed within you, and why)

What have you destroyed? (and why? Or what do you seek to destroy?)

What do you command? (or what have you been commanded to do?)

Gaoth Arcanum (aka the Prodigy)

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